Lake Havasu City Taekwondo Instructions, Kids Martial Arts Classes and Self Defense Classes

Martial Arts Classes in Lake Havasu City

Self Defense

We don’t like to admit it but there are some streets in Lake Havasu City that we would rather not walk down alone at night. Usually, the thing to do is just avoid these places, but sometimes trouble comes to you. When it does, it is best to be prepared. Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy LLC is here to give the people of Lake Havasu City the tools they need to protect themselves when they need to.

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Tigers (ages 3 - 6)

In addition to our internationally recognized Karate for Kids program, we offer the Taekwondo for Tigers program. The Tiger program was developed specifically for preschool age children ages 3 through 6.

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Karate for Kids (ages 6 - 12)

There are many reasons for kids to become involved in the martial arts. We have developed a program based on traditional Taekwondo for kids called Karate for Kids. The Karate for Kids system is based on a lifetime learning concept in addition to technical skills.

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Adult Classes (ages 13 and up)

This class includes both the Karate for Kids and adults. These classes are for white, orange and yellow belt students. Students should expect to attend two to three classes per week (minimum 15 in 2 months).

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