Lake Havasu City Taekwondo Instructions, Kids Martial Arts Classes and Self Defense Classes

Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy LLC: Instructors

Karen Fresh

A native of Madison, Wisconsin, Karen lived there until December of 1972 when she graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Elementary Education with a minor in mathematics. She married her husband Mark in December of 1973 and has three sons, eight daughters and ten granddaughters and ten grandsons. She taught outside the home before children as well as homeschooling her eleven children (plus a friend’s son and a nephew). She was involved for many years with Havasu Christian Home Educators where she helped to start the group and has been a past president. She spent some years in the Delaware and Pennsylvania area before moving to northeast Ohio and eventually to Lake Havasu City in June of 1985. Her parents had moved here in August of 1972 and treasuring family, she decided to join them.

Karen joined her sons at Taekwondo in January of 1995 at Spradlin’s Taekwondo. She was joined by her daughters and eventually by her husband. (She received her brown belt the day before her eleventh child was born.) She began instructing in 1999 and received her Certified Instructor status in October of 2003. (She has since taken classes and recertified through May of 2022.) She became a certified Legacy instructor in 2016 and recertified in 2019. Besides teaching at Mr. Spradlin’s school, she has also taught Taekwondo (and art) for the Chemhuevi Tribe at Havasu Landing as well as with the Leisure Studies Department and College for Kids at MCC (fourteen years). In the Winter of 2006, she became the owner of Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy after the original owner died and Mr. Spradlin retired. It combined the two clubs.

Karen is also proud to have attained her fourth degree black belt in July of 2003 having tested in Orlando at Fall Nationals, Las Vegas at Spring Nationals and in Phoenix in the course of attaining this belt level. She has also enjoyed attending ATA Region 118 camp for thirteen and earning “Most Helpful” awards for three of those years and high rank student two of those years (almost 200 campers each year). The past three years she taught Tai Chi at camp and various other classes. She has also been nominated as Region 118 Student of the Year. Karen enjoys learning new things and has taken Protech weapons classes with the ATA, including Ssahng Nat, Gum Do, Oh Sung Do, Double Ssahng Jeol Bahng, Windstaff, Jahng Bahng. And to keep herself challenged, she has branched out into Tai Chi for the past several years and has done Krav Maga. A personal Taekwondo goal is one day to be a “Master”. Asked why she has stayed with Taekwondo, Karen answers, “Because it’s fun!” Karen’s other activities include: Aglow International, a Charismatic Christian organization, where she is treasurer of both the local and area groups and has been involved for over 30 years; an active member of Our Lady of the Lake (past Religious Education instructor and lector). Her interests include travel, food, healthy living, math/logic puzzles, arts and crafts

Bill Mitchell

A California native, Bill grew up in San Diego, where, at 17 began Kenpo Karate with Brian Adams & Parker Linekin. This began his journey into several different styles of martial arts: karate, Shito-ryu & Goju-ryu with Minobu Miki; Hsing I Chuan with Mike Patterson; and Rakkan Kenpo with Harley Regan.

Bill attended college in San Diego and has two master degrees: counseling psychology and educational psychology. In 1991 Bill married his wife Cherie, moved to Lake Arrowhead, CA and started their family of 5 children: Bethany, Breanna, Billy, Brynmary and Buck. In LakeArrowhead Bill’s children also became interested in Karate and were introduced to Kenpo Karate at Jeff Speakman’s studio with lessons from Gavin Majors. Bill and his family moved to Lake Havasu in 2003 after Bill was asked to start a mental health clinic for the Apple Valley High Desert SELPA in the Needles School District. “I brought my family out to Lake Havasu to visit and see if they were willing to relocate. We all fell in love with the city. ”In June of 2005 Bill and family began Taekwondo at the Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy from Anita and Scott Brown.

Bill became an instructor trainee in 2008 after Karen Fresh took over the academy following Anita Brown’s death. When asked what he likes most about Taekwondo Bill said, “I enjoy the sparring. It’s like a chess match where you have an opportunity to apply all the forms and techniques you’ve learned and to have your skills sharpened by each match. I also enjoy watching the students progress not only in their skills but also in their character.” I believe Karen Fresh has been a great contribution to the studio by integrating Christian character building into Taekwondo, which also emphasizes character building. As a Psychologist, I have spent my professional career helping people deal with the problems that result from a lack of character and I am proud to be a part of a school that honors Christ as the central key to that development. My goal for Taekwondo is to be part of an organization that through the discipline of the martial arts builds the character, emotional stability and the physical prowess to face the challenges of life and be unafraid and to have the strength to make a difference in this world because they know the Lord Jesus Christ and have the character to “fight the good fight.” Bill became a Certified Trainer in February 2010.

Mark Fresh

A native of Akron, Ohio, Mark lived there until September of 1970 when he transferred from the University of Akron to the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Mark Graduated in June 1972 with a BA in Economics and a minor in German. In December of 1973 Mark married Karen with whom he has three sons, eight daughters and two granddaughters. Mark has mainly worked in the field of communications: advertising, sales, public relations and broadcasting. Mark and Karen lived in the Wilmington, Delaware - Philadelphia, PA area before moving back to Northeast Ohio and eventually to Lake Havasu City in June of 1985, answering the pleas of maternal “grandparents.” (Karen’s parents had moved here in August, 1972.)

Usually the guy behind the video camera at TKD testing, awards and demonstrations, Mark realized that, unlike President’s who receive honorary “Black Belts,” he would have to “earn” his way so, in June 2003, joined classes for himself and to support Karen in her ambition of becoming a “Master” which meant her eventually becoming a school owner.

In August of 2005, Mark earned his First Degree Black Belt; in October 2006, his second degree. In December, 2008, he joined the Instructor Training Program. In February 2010, he advanced to certified trainer level. “Taekwondo has improved my skills at memorizing sequences, improved my physical fitness and provided many satisfying moments on the floor for both forms and sparring.” In addition to stints in Christian Radio and Television, Mark has taught public school for five years, Community College Courses for eight years, and publishing for 4 years. He continues his “hobby” of video production. He is now doing door-to-door sales for Suddenlink, a business that provides internet, television and telephone services. Mark’s other activities have included Havasu Christian Home Educators, Ushering at Our Lady of the Lake, campaigns for city and county office and Havasu Girl’s Softball. Other interests include filmography, chess, golf, playing the accordion and videography.

Alexandra Landoni

Alexandra was born in 1994 and raised in Lake Havasu City, alongside her parents, Mark and Karen, and her 10 siblings. Starting Taekwondo at the early age of 2 ½ years old, she, like almost all of her siblings, achieved the rank of black belt. Alexandra took a few years off to pursue other hobbies, yet felt the call of martial arts on her life. In 2009, she rejoined and eventually became the highest rank of the Fresh children at 3rd degree black belt. Due to her exceeding organizational and management skills, she has become an asset to the school in the structure and application of all the programs.

Alexandra and Kyle Landoni welcomed their 1st child into the world in August 2016. “Though the challenge of raising a child isn’t easy, she has risen to the challenge with enough patience for both of us” –Kyle has said many times. She currently teaches 6th, 7th and 8th graders Math at Calvary Christian Academy. She has her bachelor's degree in Business from GCU and is studying for a teaching certificate from Pima Community College. Outside of Taekwondo, Alexandra enjoys reading, playing games, and spending quality time with friends and family.

Dr. Clinton Campbell

Clinton Campbell is a long time resident of Lake Havasu City, and proud member of the ATA. Clint began his martial arts training at age of fourteen under the tutelage of Masters’ Hall of Fame Inductee, Sensei Frank Shilosky, (8th Dan Shotokan.) Clinton greatly benefited from the many character enhancing attributes gained in a martial arts environment. He began a career in the public safety sector starting off as a Correctional Deputy; and eventually hired as a sworn Peace Officer. Clinton specialized in the Investigation of Crimes against Children, and held certification as a child forensic interviewer. After retiring from Law-Enforcement, Clinton continued his education earning a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, and thereafter; a Ph.D., in Organizational Psychology. Clinton is currently a committee member for the Society of Organizational Psychology, (SIOP) and has spent time working with the Arizona’s Children Association. Clinton’s training with the Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy began in 2015, at which time he joined the American Taekwondo Association, (ATA.) He was later accepted to take part in ATA’s internationally recognized legacy leadership program, a required curriculum for Instructor certification. Clinton achieved his level-one instructor’s certificate, and continues regular training in an effort to earn his level 2 and 3 certification. Clinton is a cancer survivor, and recommends the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of Martial Arts training. He enjoys spending time with his family, studying literature, and collecting historical law-enforcement memorabilia. Clinton holds the rank of 1st degree black belt decided, and invites you to come down, and discover the many exciting training opportunities the ATA has to offer to everyone, regardless of age. We look forward to meeting you soon!

James Intac

James joined our Legacy team in April 2019, just a month before he turned 11 as a fifth grader at Havasu Preparatory Academy. He received his first degree black belt in February 2019. He is an awesome leader and really great at instructing. He exudes great confidence in himself and encourages others. “One of the many things I like in Taekwondo is forms. It shows your skill, power and speed all in one. I love school and my favorite subject is math. After I come home from school, I do my homework (did I mention I love homework). After I finish everything I have to do educationally, I start building Yugioh decks for my friends. When I grow up, I want to be a mechanical engineer and teach Taekwondo.”

Riley Turkle

Riley joined our Legacy Team in May 2019 as a purple belt. She is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. Riley enjoys going to tournaments and has won many medals. She is a great help in our Tiger class. She loves to work hard and improve her technique. “I love learning new things and hanging out with my friends here. I love helping all the tigers, they’re so cute. Sometimes I have bad days and my friends always comfort me. Im really good at doing my weapons. Some games I play are Minecraft, Roblox, and Battle Field 1. When I grow up I want to be a Veterinarian, and teach people here at Teakwondo all the things I know. My favorite thing to do in school is science. I am really excited about learning about Astrology and about other Universes. My favorite animal is a wolf. I love wolves because I think they are very extraordinary.”

Clayton Faulconer

My name is Clayton Faulconer and I am 9 years old. I like Taekwondo because I learn to defend myself from strangers and use some awesome weapons! Helping to teach the Tigers Class is also fun because I get to choose the activities that we do in class and the Tigers listen to me very well. My favorite animal is a dart frog. I want to be a sculptor and a game designer when I grow up. I love to have fun.

Wesley Faulconer

My name is Wesley Faulconer. I am 10 years old and I joined Legacy as a purple belt. I like Legacy because they teach cool techniques and cool forms. My favorite thing to do is to play video games. My favorite subject in school in Math. Heck, i like math so much I have been in the math olympics the last two years. When I grow up I want to be a doctor because I like studying anatomy and the vital organs. My favorite animal is an amphibian named the spotted salamander.