Lake Havasu City Taekwondo Instructions, Kids Martial Arts Classes and Self Defense Classes

Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy LLC: your path to a better life

Welcome to Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy Affiliated with the ATA (Always Take Action) we are a Taekwondo club. In a friendly and fun environment, we teach Songham Taekwondo using various programs such as ATA Tigers, Karate for Kids, Masters Club and Legacy (Leadership). A Korean martial art that builds self-confidence, self-esteem, physical fitness and mental alertness, Taekwondo is practiced by students age three to one hundred three. Although martial arts are individually practiced, we build social bonds among family and friends. Club owner and ATA certified instructor Karen Fresh is a Fourth Degree Black Belt who has studied and practiced Taekwondo since 1995. Ten of her children, as well as her husband, have attained black belts in ATA Taekwondo. After first visiting her family here in 1972, Karen has resided in Lake Havasu City since 1985. Stop in and try a free class at our club. Please feel free to contact us on how Lake Havasu Black Belt Academy can help you and your family achieve worthwhile personal goals


ATA International is the world’s largest organization teaching martial arts to the entire family! There are over 950 independently owned and operated licensed facilities with the highest quality martial arts curriculum available in a fun and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy. Each Instructor graduated from an intensive certification process that represents more than forty years of ongoing curriculum research and development.Your Certified Instructor will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your current individual goals, as well as some new goals you never before thought possible! "Martial Art" encompasses the many styles of physical discipline (fighting) arts developed over the centuries. Songham Taekwondo is more than just another "martial art”. It is the world's LARGEST centrally administered martial art.

Smoothly progressing from one rank to the next, Songham Taekwondo students find themselves a few years later doing 360-degree jumping kicks with ease while also focusing on personal development of the mind and body through the valuable ideas and philosophy behind this ancient art.

Self-defense is a fringe benefit gained by dedicating one's self to the values, philosophy and training of Songham Taekwondo.

The active student in a true, traditional Taekwondo class, focuses not just on the physical but also on discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy and perseverance.

The ATA curriculum helps build a strong foundation of Songahm Taekwondo in each person, a foundation from which advancement in both the martial art (mind and body) and in self defense can be built and added on for a lifetime, truly “building tomorrow’s leaders, one black belt at a time.”

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